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Design system introduction, championship, & development

Led a 50-year-old company through a transformative modernization process in how it designed and built the frontend of its platform and suite of digital tools.

Result: increased efficiency, consistency, speed to prototype, accessibility, general usability, and visual delight of all development work.

DS- Detail Color CM_edited.jpg

Building & growing a Product Design department

Led the recruitment, hiring, and development of many excellent UX and UI designers at a company which historically had no product design talent. Led mentorship and career development of individuals, and built a positive culture of collaboration, growth, experimentation, and subject matter expertise.

Result: a stellar team leading massive organizational change and pushing for greater design maturity across the business over 6+ years.

Image by Marvin Meyer

Brand refresh & new brand identity development

Directed a cross-department initiative to develop a new brand identity for an existing pillar of the parent business, and collaborated with Marketing to modernize parent brand, improve guidelines and general branding documentation.

Result: fresh visual experience launched with clear, thorough strategy and implementation standards, leading to improved consistency across the business and overwhelmingly positive feedback from users.

Mintel Brand Refresh - Product implementation scale.jpg

Workshop wizardry

Led and/or directed countless workshops across portfolio development, gaining critical stakeholder input and trust while expediting discovery and ideation phases of new product development.

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